bitcoin txid explorer

1.24.0 April 27, 2017 Wallet New: Added Augur! Added colored addresses on the sending confirmation screen to further give another visual cue of the asset you are sending too. As always, any worries or questions will be dealt with by the trollbox or the support. It is as simple as that. Preparations have been made to notify users and put safeguards in place for the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork. Customers who do not wish to take part in the swap are encouraged to withdraw their funds before the swap. The community have decided to fork the chain due to the problems with tips the last few months. Bugfix: Exodus now prevents you from sending to yourself. We realise that this is an inconvenience, of course we do, but this is a necessary step to keep Nova in business, and growing! 1.38.1 November 13, 2017 Wallet A few regions around the world continued to report Bitcoin balance issues after rescanning.

Bitcoin txid explorer
bitcoin txid explorer

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This new design gives a bit of space between assets to visually separate holding that maybe similar in color. Works/adk aDKSlack, aDK, aidos Kuneen ricardo Badoer. Improved: Reduced application size even further. (All other assets previously worked with 100 TX) Litecoin transactions sent to Exodus when closed now show up without a manual refresh. We will manage to keep some assets on the forex fi wikipedia exchange. You can now exchange any asset for Ethereum Classic (ETC). 18:54 - Information Nova Technology Limited is NOT connected or has NO affiliation with m, Nova Technology Limited is a completely different company if customer support agents from m are saying to see Nova that is incorrect information. Live Ethereum monitoring resources to be sure Ethereum and Ethereum tokens (ERC20) are delivered quickly in times of network saturation. (These are the same as your Ethereum private keys.) bugfix: A few Golem lookup URLs have been fixed. News, news 13:33 - important: De-listing Notice.

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