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- Business intelligence tool to visualize data through dashboards and reports. Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy - Service to control access to cloud applications running on Google Cloud Platform without using a VPN. Cloud Composer - Managed workflow orchestration service built on Apache Airflow. "Cloud DNS, VPN, https load balancing. "Google's Stackdriver-Based Cloud Monitoring Now in Beta".

Depending on the program, certifications can be earned online or at various testing centers located globally. Cloud AI edit Cloud AutoML - Service to train and deploy custom machine learning models. Bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash made possible by a decentralized database. "220,000 cores and counting: MIT math professor breaks record for largest ever Compute Engine job". 1.500 JP Morgan Chase. Cloud Pub/Sub - Scalable event ingestion service based on message queues. Some of the key services are listed below. As of June 2018, the service is in Beta. Cloud Functions - Functions as a Service to run event-driven code based Node. "Google Acquires Firebase To Help Developers Build Better Real-Time Apps". Regions Zones edit Google Cloud Platform is available in 17 regions and 52 zones. "Map AWS services to Google Cloud Platform products".

Cloud Dataprep - Data service based on Trifacta to visually explore, clean, and prepare data for analysis. It is uncensurable and unconfiscatable with high-fungibility. 1.456, nomura.400, rBC Capital Markets.380, wells Fargo.400. "Introducing Certified Kubernetes (and Google Kubernetes Engine! Network Service Tiers - Option to choose Premium vs Standard network tier for higher performing network. Cloud Armor - Web application firewall to protect workloads from DDos attacks. API Analytics - Service to analyze API-driven programs through monitoring, measuring, and managing APIs.