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the comments section below. It would never cost the Plattsburgh citizens any more money to let more miners come in here because the miners are willing to pay for those overages when it's super cold, Tom Pillsworth, a Plattsburgh local and partner at the second largest Bitcoin mine. According to its website: Missoula County is an attractive place for locating cryptocurrency mining operations due to the regions low electricity rates and cool weather which helps to keep equipment from overheating. According to a proposed law tabled by the mayor on March 1, the city is seeking to put an 18-month moratorium on any new Bitcoin mining operations while new regulations around zoning and electricity use are drafted. Proposed Crypto Moratorium Rejected, missoula Countys board of commissioners held a public hearing Thursday to decide whether to accept or reject the proposal for a one-year emergency moratorium on new or expanded cryptocurrency operations. The moratorium affects only new commercial Bitcoin operations and will not affect companies that are already mining in the city. On Thursday evening, the city council in Plattsburgh, New York unanimously voted to impose an 18-month moratorium on Bitcoin mining in the city. Plattsburghs cheap electric rates have been the marvel of the US for decades, since the city is guaranteed a fixed supply of cheap hydroelectric power thanks to a deal that arose from the construction of hydroelectric dams in the 1950s.

The message explains: On September 27, 2018, the Board of County Commissioners continued the public hearing on cryptocurrency mining that began on June. Update: This article was updated with comments from Plattsburgh Municipal Lighting Department manager Bill Treacey. Bitcoin mining operations are adding on top of that, so we have to buy more powerdefinitely this year weve had to buy a lot more power, Treacey said over the phone. This cost was distributed among the citys residents, some of whom ended up paying between 100 and 200 more for their electricity than usual. Jennie Dixon from the countys Community and Planning Services department revealed that 92 percent of about 80 written comments from 71 individuals supported the moratorium, the news outlet noted. What do you think of Missoula County rejecting the proposed crypto mining moratorium?

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According to Read, Plattsburgh has the forex fi wikipedia cheapest electricity in the world due to a hydroelectric dam on the. This, Read told the. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? I think middle ground should be sought so peoples electric rates don't go up, he added. Although Read said this lower rate was to incentivize industries to set up shop in the city, it has also made Plattsburgh increasingly attractive to cryptocurrency miners, who depend on cheap electricity to turn a profit on mining. Now, according to a message posted to the official website for Missoula County after a meeting on September 27, County Commission staff have begun developing specific rules for miners. In the next 18 months, city officials pledged to work with citizens and local Bitcoin miners to develop a solution to Plattsburghs energy problem. But I do have serious concerns about the energy use. He was further"d suggesting: It may be that we need a much broader approach because of the potential this would be myopic. Treacey suggested that the debate Plattsburgh is having over Bitcoin mining could face other regions, too. Read suggested a number of possible solutions, such as making miners pay for any overages of the citys power budget or increasing the kilowatt rate for miners. The proposal was first presented at a public hearing in June but was postponed for three months.

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