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was peril that comes along with the promise. Litecoin is the best performing of the smaller bunch, adding.2, last trading at 137.49; and Ripples XRP is in the green.2 at 67 cents.

Ms Lagardes latest comments come after a turbulent time for cryptocurrency markets, which saw bitcoins price surge by more than 1,000 in less than an hour in mid-April following months of steady decline. The office of the New York Attorney General sent a letter to 13 cryptocurrency exchanges seeking information to improve transparency in the digital currency industry. As weve noted several times before, the crypto market tends to move together when things are falling but when prices are rising performance between different coins may vary, said Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro, in a note Tuesday.

The price of a single bitcoin. The outperformance of altcoins, or alternatives to bitcoin, is a good sign, says one industry participant. It would not be wise to dismiss crypto-assets; we must welcome their potential but also recognise their risks, Lagarde said. Bitcoin can only be used as a medium of exchange and in practice has been far more sijoita kryptovaluuttaan important for the dark economy than it has for most legitimate uses. Instead, the IMF wants. Zdaniem szefowej Midzynarodowego Funduszu Walutowego nadszed czas, aby wiatowe banki centralne i organy nadzoru zaczy na powanie zajmowa si kryptowalutami.