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specifically focused on investments. Year Established: 2017 Speakers: Lory Kehoe, ConsenSys Jon Matonis, Bitcoin Foundation Sponsors: New Alchemy Deloitte.25 10/16/2018 10/18/2018 Loyalty Live Chicago, IL USA 2,300 Loyalty Live is the first conference in the world with the sole focus of bridging the gap between the world. Registration: Book Now The Malta Blockchain Summit is a melting pot of global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion, and innovation. After a block buster Talk Trade#21 featuring the biggest names in the blockchain platform world we're back with another very special event! Some of the topics related to the blockchain-based token economy that you can expect to be discussed are: Token-based Business Models Classification of Tokens Valuation Realities Custodianship of Digital Assets etc. Year Established: 2013 Speakers: Kir Kelevra, Independent Cryptotrader Pavlo Petrenko, Minister of Justice of Ukraine Sponsors: Bodo Ukraine Digital News 3 03/30/2018 03/30/2018 Global Blockchain Investment Summit Santa Clara, CA - With the theme Unravelling Mysteries of the Future-changing Blockchain Technology this event aims. Year Established: 2018 Speakers: Prof. The focus area also hosts industry content dedicated to the rise of blockchain powered businesses, including systems integrators, tech giants and ICOs, but there will not be a pitch-battle in sight! MoneyConf is organised by the team behind the worlds largest tech conference, Web Summit. Since 2014, we hosted 21 editions around the world in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Cayman Islands, Davos, Gibraltar, Kyiv, Liberland, Ljubljana, Puerto Rico, Seoul, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Vilnius and Warsaw. Year Established: 2018 Speakers: Genevieve Leveille, Founder OTenTic8 Fabio La Franca, Principal, Station12 (VC) Sponsors: ProFinda Compare Cloud - 03/13/2019 03/14/20ong Kong 2,000 token2049 organizes the premier digital asset event in Asia on 13- in Hong Kong, where we explore in-depth the growing crypto ecosystem.

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Year Established: 2018 Speakers: Amit Varma, Head of Technology at Citi Group Sarvi Eastell, Founder and Tech Advisor For the All Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Sponsors: Not Announced - End Date Event Name Expected Attendees Description BMJ Score CoinAgenda Summit Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We aim to promote a world vision where every entity works in a frictionless manner- free of corruption, inefficiency and human greed. BlockChain World Forum will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with BlockChain. Join over 500 senior financial services executives, leading practitioners, regulators in New York City on April 19th 2018 and hear from your peers with real world experience implementing the technology at major financial institutions. Year Established: 2018 Speakers: Nikita Knysh, Co-founder Mark Ginsburg, Expert in blockchain and cryptocurrency Sponsors: forklog BlockchainTalkTV - 11/22/2018 11/23/2018 Decrypted Mallorca, Spain 2,000 Five days, tens of events, thousands of people, all reunited to celebrate initiative and innovation in the crypto space. The aim of the workshop is to strengthen the ties and bridge the gap between academics and industry, and also enthusiasts, and to provide an opportunity to share research and developments in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Sponsoring the event is your best chance to do business with the people shaping the fintech industry. Coindesk hosts this annual meet-up and now it is its 4th-edition at a trot. Blockchain Bitcoin Conference Australia Speakers: Stephen Pitt-Walker, Strategy Practitioner and Fellow of the Strategic Management Institute John Bassilios, Special Counsel - Hall Wilcox and Blockchain Strategy Course Mentor Sponsors: Coin Traffic Hidone - 05/31/2018 Unchained Summit Hamburg, Germany 300 Unchain is a 2 day.

Blockchain Africa Conference Johannesburg, South Africa March 08-09, South Africa is gearing up for its fourth annual Blockchain conference. Year Established: 2018 Speakers: Dinis Guarda, Author, Founder CEO Lifesdna Ztudium Daniil Morozov, Co-Founder, Nodepower Sponsors: Almora 3 07/26/2018 07/27/2018 Blockchain Conference Washington, DC USA - In 2015, we launched the first Blockchain Conference in London.