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address. If you missed the last p&l forex article in this series, give it a quick read: - Part 1: An Introduction To Cryptocurrency Mining. W e are already actively working on implementing alternative crypto-currencies for payments. . If you're using NiceHash Legacy, log into m and look for the text "Your Mining and BTC Deposit Address." Copy the long string of characters below into the field that says "Bitcoin Address" on the NiceHash Legacy main window. This is not a science, however. There's no concrete answer because the market fluctuates wildly and it depends on your hardware and your hardware settings. However, I can give you a gentle nudge in the right direction and encourage you to experiment.

Depositing any other cryptocurrencies might result in irreversible loss of funds! In the table below you can see payment schedule for using NiceHash Miner. Step 2: Download NiceHash For Nvidia Or AMD Radeon Cards. Choose "Precise" and walk away.

Profitability can be slightly lower than directly mining coins. This is OK, and Windows Defender should not flag any of it as a virus threat. If the noise doesn't bother you, I'd also recommend increasing your fan curve to achieve a temperature of less than 75C regardless of what graphics card you're using. Again, I have to stress that this varies wildly by type of card, type of software and which algorithm NiceHash is mining at any given time. If you're content with your case's airflow and your GPU thermals, then let's keep going. On the plus side, the AMD version has more advanced options for power users and also supports Nvidia cards. You can even tell NiceHash to start mining when your PC is idle, and stop automatically when you resume using. I can't say that without the disclaimer that it depends on where you live! On Coinbase, sell your chosen amount of Bitcoin into US Dollars (or Euros, etc) Withdraw from your Coinbase local currency wallet to your bank account Again, that's a very lean step-by-step guide, but there are a wealth of explainers around the web showing you how. So let's split up right here to walk through both Nvidia and AMD setups. Withdrawals (and sometimes deposits as well) are subjected to fees. I've overclocked each one's memory clock by a whopping 700MHz, and despite this the fans are only at about 40 with the cards sitting comfortably under 70C.

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